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Children's Wellness Center

The project is a renovation of the  30,000 square foot two-story air terminal building on the Northerly Island site (formerly Meigs Field) in Chicago, Illinois. 

The proposal is a Children’s Wellness and Research Center that provides an inclusive and playful journey where kids can elevate their healing process and connect with nature. The design strategy creates new and inclusive spatial relationships between the indoor and the outdoor environment that emphasizes and empathizes with the Northerly Island landscape.

Northerly Island Analysis by Arwa Qalalwa

Project's site- Northerly Island

Function analysis for Wellness Center by Arwa Qalalwa

Functions development

Concept by Arwa Qalalwa


Concept analysis

Existing building features

Terminal Analysis
Building features
Concept image by Arwa Qalalwa

Diagrammatic models

Functional diagram by Arwa Qalalwa
Inclusivity diagram by Arwa Qalalwa
Ramp analysis by Arwa Qalalwa

Path experience

Connection to level 2

Path and 3D renders by Arwa Qalalwa

Program diagrams

Interior Elevation



Details- Envelope design


Healing viod


Indoor-outdoor connection

1_100 - Photo-Good_edited.jpg

Paths intersection

Front view

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