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Ramallah Public Library

 The project adopted an experimental approach of coding and decoding the physical context of Ramallah city to finally design a public library for the city in Palestine. By using the user's movements and the spatial urban qualities of the city as the main tools of exploring and reproducing multiple spatial and architectural typologies. The project thus becomes an example of how architecture can challenge the urbanization of our cities, and how can cultural institutions reinforce and revive the keenness for knowledge that can sometimes be restricted by technology.

Site Analysis- Ramallah

Concept statement

A third-place between home and work/school exchange and production of knowledge. a center of human creativity, acts as a community of well change, art, and inspiration.

An important part of this project is to create more than just a repository of books but to create a series of transparent workshops and a sequence of knowledge exchange spaces that lead to an integrated city system and to many social areas, creating a stimulating journey for the visitor

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Site Circulation

Site Section

Conceptual Framework

Conceptual Framework

3D Shots and details


Elevations and 3D's

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