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A productive Gallery- Nablus

A center for human creativity, interaction, and knowledge transfer, the aim was to create a highly adaptable system that complies with the city of Nablus by which the main force of this system is the community itself by which production zones and workshops designed, in addition to product design and handcrafts were included to serve the need of working people.


A permeable system reflecting the language and character of the informality of Nabulsi street markets, the idea started with main path forces that form a gallery within for the workshops production, forming social spaces that create attractiveness beyond that of the commercial function

The sense of community is generated by merging people and space through the formal and informal commercial activities that happen at the different platforms.

 The artists/producers share their workshop spaces and have a common space to use as a creative environment, and the customer is a part of this and can also watch this creative workflow because of the transparency of this active system.


2017 Collection of work- By Arwa Qalalwa

The Project Vision:

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