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Agriculture school- Jericho

The project’s adaptive reuse for Al-Alami school in the Arab Development Society premises in Jericho city in Palestine.  The design focuses on a shared-based learning system that relies on dynamism, movement, and connectedness in an interactive environment to build spaces that can offer nontraditional vocational education.

By creating linear paths that form within its learning spaces, semi-outdoor environment, and semi-shaded spaces to reinforce the indoor-outdoor relationship and to make more contact with the site. The core center of the project is this circular structure that forms within it a social space for students, professors, workers, and farmers to both socialize and work in an exterior semi-shaded structure that reinforces socializing and knowledge sharing.

The project introduces a new learning system based on collective learning; preparing students for their vocational future. Workshops, factories, a sports center, a theatre, a student's dorm, and an agricultural school will be included in Jericho's reused school in this proposal, as well as existing structures that will serve as workspaces for woodwork, embroidery, and metal works.


The final product honors the legacy of Mr. Musa Alami's old "Vocational Training Center," which was established in 1984 to house and provide elementary education and vocational training for refugee children who had lost one or both parents, while also incorporating innovative design solutions that strengthen the educational system.


2017 work collection- Arwa Qalalwa

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