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 Memorial of the Palestinian struggle

The architecture of remembrance: "Memorial of the Palestinian struggle" is a project that aims to revive the Palestinian Collective memory through the architecture itself, which reflects the Palestinian history of struggle, by using space elements such as materials, proportions, sound, light, and even temperature. Thus, seeking to prevent the process of forgetting by examining the connection between space, memories, emotions, and different human responses.

 Since the history of Palestine is not chronologically ordered, we narrowed it into three main stations, each represents a certain period of memories; the three stations are 1- "Station of Loss" which represents the loss of land, identity, and properties. 2- "Struggle Station" that highlights the consequences of al-Nakba; imprisonment, exile, refugee camps, and martyrs.  3- "Liberty Station", the final station that includes all future revolutions that will lead to Palestine's freedom and the hall of hope. By experimenting with the unlimited power of the architecture of remembrance, I and my partner succeeded in translating memories into architecture and our project was declared the best Graduation Project at Birzeit university in 2018.


2018 work collection- Arwa Qalalwa

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